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Week 24 - Is This the End?

Week 24 – Is This the End?

Is this the end? Six months ago when I applied for a pay-it-forward scholarship with the Master Key Experience (aka MKMMA), I was introduced to Og Mandino and Charles Haanel through two very special books. “The Greatest Salesman in the World” by Og Mandino, was written with the principle to help replace bad habits (built over […]

Week 23 - You Get What You Give

Week 23 – You Get What You Give

You get what you give. Yes, we’ve all heard of this. Most call it karma. For those who believe and know that this is true, we know that it works for both good and bad. If you give kindness, you get kindness. If you give heartache, you get heartache. Happiness in our lives comes from being […]

Week 22A - Master of My Emotions

Week 22A – Master of My Emotions

“Today I will be master of my emotions.” (Og Mandino) As I awake today, I know that I will find change in my life, whether it be small or grand. I know that I could find happiness or perhaps anger. I know that the sun could be shining or that maybe there could be rain. […]

Week 22 - Silence

Week 22 – Silence

Week 21 - Think Big

Week 21 – Think Big

Think BIG! Dare to believe in your own idea. Dare to know that you were meant for greater things in life. The possibilities of thought training are infinite, its consequence eternal, and yet few take the pains to direct their thinking into channels that will do them good, but instead leave all to chance. -Marden Think BIG! […]

Week 20 - The Exercise

Week 20 – The Exercise

The exercise for week 20 says it all for me. It confirms the miracle of my birth and of your birth. It tells me that any thing worthwhile can be achieved through the creative power of thought. (Haanel 20 – 31) For your exercise this week, go into the Silence and concentrate on the fact […]

Week 19 - Moral or Immoral

Week 19 – Moral or Immoral

Moral, or Immoral…what is your world? In this week’s lesson, I know that Haanel is trying to state how we can manifest the good things in life, and I believe that he is right. However, when he speaks of the expressions that serve to place extremes in contrast, he only speaks of half the truth. […]

Week 18 - Your Best Day Yet

Week 18 – Your Best Day Yet

Your Best Day Yet Make today your best day yet. Except for “lesson’s learned”, forget about yesterday, it’s gone; there is no “re-do”. Don’t live for tomorrow. It may not come. Today is the day that counts…right here…right now. Get up early with a smile on your face. You woke up today! If you have a […]

Week 17HJ - Hero's Journey

Week 17HJ – Hero’s Journey

Hero’s Journey This week is a turning point…or not. As Og states, “I can accomplish far more than I have, and I will, for why should the miracle which produced me end with my birth?” Now comes the time to ask the question.  Will I take the Hero’s Journey, or will I refuse the call? […]