Week 17 - Concentration

Week 17 – Concentration

Concentration In part 17 of the Master Key System, Haanel says, “Concentration is much misunderstood; there seems to be an idea of effort or activity associated with it, when just the contrary is necessary.” He believes that you just need to have a keen interest in your thought to the point where you are conscious of […]

Week 16 - Nature's Greatest Miracle

Week 16 – Nature’s Greatest Miracle

Nature’s greatest miracle? That would be you and me! And just how did I come to that conclusion? Well, I had a little help from a friend named Og Mandino. I’ve never met him but he goes with me pretty much everywhere these days. You see, Og was a great American author. His bestseller “The Greatest […]

Week 15 - Insight

Week 15 – Insight

Insight, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is the ability to understand people and situations in a very clear way or an understanding of the true nature of something. Until taking this course, I didn’t realize that I already have everything within me that I need to achieve my dreams. I have the power of knowledge and the ability […]

Week 14 - Rudy

Week 14 – Rudy

Rudy is one of my all-time favorite movies. It’s a perfect example of the greatness that lies within each of us. It’s there for the taking and most of us don’t even have a clue. All his life Rudy was told that he wasn’t smart enough, big enough, or good enough for anything except working […]

Week 13 - Obtainment of Knowledge

Week 13 – Obtainment of Knowledge

On this journey of self-discovery and obtainment of knowledge, I not only see myself recognize that which is within me but also the brilliance of others as they examine their own lives and the abundance of knowledge that surrounds us all. Several weeks ago one of our assignments was to break down a battleship in […]

Week 12 - The Greatest Gifts

Week 12 – The Greatest Gifts

The greatest gifts of our lives are those that we are born with…the power to think and the power to love. We all have an infinite ability to think, which means we have unlimited creative power. If we find ways to eliminate the negative thoughts and fears, our positive thoughts will build for us those […]

Week 11 - The Power of Thought

Week 11 – The Power of Thought

The power of thought has been overlooked by most of us, including me. Until I started on this journey with the Master Key Mastermind Alliance, I didn’t realize just how much negative thoughts influenced my life on a daily basis. Negative thoughts were about to drive me out of a job I’ve had for 18 […]

Week 10 - Persistence

Week 10 – Persistence

Week 9 – Affirmations and Giving Thanks

As this week winds down, I’d like to reflect on positive affirmations and giving thanks. It is only when you make a conscious effort to focus on your blessings in life that you will achieve more of them. In doing so, you also bring about blessings for others. These are just a few things I […]

Week 8 - Changes

Week 8 – Changes

We all have a blueprint for ourselves and most of us have allowed it to be drawn by people who have touched our lives along the way…some good and some not so good. Even those that care about us have inadvertently placed negative thoughts in us with their opinions. Because we care for them in […]