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Living Life | Suzanne L. – April 2, 2017


Today, I had the pleasure of spending some time with a fellow Central Georgian, Shirley Quevedo, who has dramatically changed the style of her life and the life of those around her. Without hitting the lottery, she has managed to walk away from her job, attain a beautiful home on several acres in the country, volunteer to feed the homeless at the church on Mulberry, and contribute most generously to Habitat for Humanity.

As it turns out, Shirley has wanted to go fishing with me for quite some time. So, when she contacted me through my Facebook page, I thought, “What a perfect opportunity to ask her some questions!”


Her long paved driveway was very scenic with Weeping Willows, the remnants of Azaleas, and a rather large pond. As I approached the house, I could see Shirley strapping down the kayaks on the back of her Silverado. She greeted me with a big smile and a “Happy Saturday!” I told her the ride up the driveway was gorgeous. She said thanks and that the Weeping Willows were in remembrance of childhood days at her grandparents, the Azaleas for her mom, and the pond for her dad…the family that had loved and taught her so much.

halsey pond

We packed our gear in the truck and headed out for the river. As we did, I said I hoped she didn’t mind if I asked her some questions about her life and business. She responded with an exciting “not at all”.

So I began. Just what is it you do for a living?

Well, the bottom line is, “I help people…in any way that I am able.”

In what ways do you help people?

There are many ways to help people. Sometimes, a nice “hello” or a cheerful smile will do wonders for a person’s day. Sometimes a friend may need help moving, or a ride, or a dog sitter. You just never know, and you should always be willing to give. My mom and dad always taught me to treat others the way I wanted to be treated. However, I do help people in others ways, too, through my network marketing business. The company I represent has awesome products in the way of health, nutrition, and whole food.

So, how do you earn money at network marketing?

Well, it’s really simple. Think about all the things that you like…movies, restaurants, vacation spots, etc. Don’t you share those things with your friends and family…or even people just passing through town looking for a place to eat or something to do?

Sure but how does that earn you money?

Well, where do you do your grocery shopping?

Kroger. Why?

Let’s say that we stopped at Kroger on the way to the river, and we both bought the same snacks and the same amount. When they rang mine up it was $5.00 but when they rang yours up it was $10.00. You’d certainly want to know how your purchase was exactly the same as mine but cost $5.00 more. Wouldn’t you?

You bet I would!

Well, I’d then say it’s because I have a rewards card, and if you fill out the application form, you’ll get $5.00 off, too, each time you shop at Kroger.

That’s a great deal.

Well, that would just be half of it. When you become a rewards member and get your discount, I would get a $5.00 credit because I referred you. When you share with others, which people normally do, you would also get a $5.00 credit.

So, I still don’t understand what this has to do with your business and making money.

Suzanne, there’s some good news and some bad news here. First the bad news…Kroger doesn’t do that. The good news is…that’s pretty much how my business works. I try to listen to the people’s needs around me. When I hear people talk about their health problems, concerns about getting their kids through college, or just wishing they had some extra money to take an overdue vacation, I try to figure out what I can offer to help them.

What do you do to help them and how does that make you money?

When people are looking to improve their health, I recommend specific products for them depending on their goals. If they sign up for a membership, they can order those products at a discount whenever they want, and the company will ship directly to them. When that happens, I get a percentage…kind of like that Kroger rewards scenario.

Well, that’s pretty cool.

If I run into people that are looking to improve their finances, whether that means a little extra cash or working to eventually replace their full-time income, I can show them how to do exactly what I’m doing. Every time I share with people who want to become a member because they actually want the products themselves and want to share it with others, I also get a percentage of that.

How do you find people that want the products or want to build a business?

Well, it’s true that not everyone wants my products and not everyone cares about making extra money or changing their career path. However, I do get to build relationships along the way. What’s richer than a genuine friendship? Besides, among many “NO’s”, you usually end up with “YES’s”, too, if you are authentic and honest. You have to ethics! If you don’t, I’d rather you say NO anyway.

That’s not only cool…that’s awesome! Why don’t they teach this stuff in schools?

Good question, Suzanne.

So, you mentioned something when you contacted me about heading to Destin, Florida next month. Is it business or pleasure?

It’s definitely intended to be pleasure but I usually manage working a little, especially when I run into someone I think I can help. Anyway, we were actually in Destin last year on my birthday, May 8, 2016, which also happened to be my second wedding anniversary and Mother’s Day. I had just left my full-time job of 18 years two months earlier to pursue network marketing full-time. Why wouldn’t I since I was earning as much part-time as I did on a 40+ hour job? So, my husband and I rented a beach house and invited my daughter & her friends down. We had such a blast that we decided to do it again this May for our third anniversary. What’s even more exciting is that we decided to talk to a realtor while we’re there in hopes of purchasing our own beach house.

Anything special?

We just hope to find something that’s not too big but will still allow us to bring in plenty of family and friends…preferable in a settled, less touristy area.

So what’s your biggest satisfaction from leaving the corporate world and becoming your own boss?

I don’t think there is one biggest satisfaction. It’s a combination of being able to spend as much time as I want with family and friends; helping others create a better life through focusing on health, business, or both; and having the opportunity to be spontaneous and just jump in the car to take a road trip. I know…and other people need to know…that we all have options and choices that are not determined by other people.

Well, looks like the boat ramp ahead. Thank you so much for allowing me to basically interview you on our ride to the river.

Don’t mention it. It was my pleasure. Besides, you have no idea how long I’ve wanted to ask you on a fishing trip. When I hear you on the news sometimes talking about the catch of the day and so forth, it makes me think of fishing days with my dad. I think it’s going to be a great afternoon!

No doubt! Let’s do this!

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