Week 7 – See It to Achieve It

These past seven weeks with the Master Key Mastermind Alliance have been very enlightening, and I have no doubt that they will continue to be. When I first started this journey, I had no idea what to really expect, what I would learn, or how it might change my life.

The readings from The Master Key System by Haanel gives clues in detail about what is within us…each of us, if we just acknowledge and reach for it. By “it”, I mean our dreams, our goals, our burning desires, our definite major purpose…however you wish to define it. They are all within our reach if we focus on it and plan for it.

I think back on my life to things I’ve wanted and things I’ve done…from school to vacations to jobs. There wasn’t ever a time that I didn’t have to think about and plan to make those things happen. From wanting to go to a movie to writing a research paper to preparing for a job interview, all those things took preparation. Sure, I only had to think about a movie I wanted to see, call up some friends, and determine the time, place, and how I was getting there. That may have been simple but it was still a plan to achieve a desired outcome.

Like an engineer that designs a building by laying out details in notes, drafts, visual sketches, and final drawings, I am now building my own blueprint for the life I desire. My dreams and goals are all attainable and honorable. Like Haanel says in Part 7:4, “Work is necessary – labor, hard mental labor, the kind of effort which so few are willing to put forth.”

In order to achieve the things I want in life, I must see them clearly as if I already have them today. I must visualize what I am going to do today, tomorrow, next week, next month, and next year in order to obtain those things I want. It must be clear. Finally, as Haanel states, “…as the details begin to unfold the ways and means for bringing it into manifestation will develop. One thing will lead to another. Thought will lead to action, action will develop methods, methods will develop friends, and friends will bring about circumstances, and, finally, the third step, or Materialization, will have been accomplished.”

I must see it to achieve it, and it’s becoming clearer each day! I have faith, and I will keep the faith. I will be what I will to be!

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  1. Keri
    Keri November 21, 2015 at 1:22 am | | Reply

    Wonderful – it’s all about filling it with the emotions we wish to feel. Isn’t it fun creating our lives!

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