Week 22A – Master of My Emotions

“Today I will be master of my emotions.” (Og Mandino)

As I awake today, I know that I will find change in my life, whether it be small or grand. I know that I could find happiness or perhaps anger. I know that the sun could be shining or that maybe there could be rain. How I choose to face this day is how this day will end.

I will be grateful as I awake because today is a beautiful gift. If by chance I encounter anger, I will immediately turn my thoughts to something positive, and I will remain happy. If my work is frustrating, I will tell myself that it is a flicker of nothing, and I will resolve it triumphantly in due time. Problems are but passing moments and will leave behind lessons that make tomorrow a brighter day.

I will forgive those that attempt to cause me pain even if they do not accept, appreciate, or change by it. My forgiveness will help plant the seed within me that brings about a harmonious future. I have no time to hold grudges because they will stop my growth and my service to others.


“Today I will be master of my emotions.” (Og Mandino)


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    MARILYN HOLLOWAY March 23, 2016 at 12:35 am | | Reply

    Your commitment and determination come through so clearly in this post, you are on the path!

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