Week 5 – To Change or Not to Change

Disorganization is most certainly one of the defining characteristics of my old blueprint, and it has certainly been rearing its ugly head this week. I have pushed myself to finish all my MKMMA tasks for Week 5 but have certainly not been 100%. I want to place blame on unexpected appointments and others that ran overtime but I know that I am the only one truly responsible. I just have to push harder and do a much, much better job of scheduling.

I finished all my readings, my “Sits”, etc. but I have not yet completed my Press Release, which was actually due last night. That fact has lead to panic and guilt, especially after reading so many other Press Releases that have just blown me away. Wow! Bottom line…I’ve just got to get it done, and I vow to do that before Week 6 starts.

Now that I’ve confessed to my major downfalls for the week, there have been some positives. My observation and listening skills have improved dramatically. One of the tasks to focus on this week was to NOT give an opinion. I don’t know if you’ve ever attempted that but for me, it has not been easy (and that’s a fact not an opinion). Though I know we all have our opinions, I never truly knew how opinionated we all are until I consciously observed it. And though I failed miserably at not giving an opinion, the bright side was that I listened more.

We should all consciously observe for a day (see…another opinion) just in general about whatever you encounter. Ask yourself why you feel the way you do about different things. Just learn more about yourself. You may find that you really love who you are, or you may find that there’s many things you’d like to change about yourself for yourself or just to be of better service to others.


For me, I’ve decided that this is MY LIFE, and I will continue to work toward replacing negative thoughts with positive ones. I will continue to look for ways to give to others even if it is just a smile because that smile could be the one thing a person needs to feel like they can make it through the day. I will continue to replace bad habits with good ones, and all these things will lead me to a harmonious place where I will prosper and all those around me will prosper, too. Change is definitely coming!

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  1. Jean
    Jean November 21, 2015 at 11:13 am | | Reply

    I knew I was going to be on the road for the first month of the course, and I was prepared for that. Then I had to be, essentially, on the road for the second month of the course, and I struggled to adapt for about a week. The Press Release came due while I was visiting my parents for a week, so I slapped together a quick placeholder on my phone and worked on it at a more leisurely pace. I’m still updating it. It’s part of the process for me. Off to read yours in a few minutes.

    (Explaining why I’m just getting around to reading your blog. I’m sitting at a Panera in San Antonio (my house here doesn’t have an internet connection, so I mostly access via the phone and blog reading is tough for me on the phone.))

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